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Hello!  Welcome to Simply Love Printables.  

My name is Kelly and I am a mom of 7.  Life is a bit busy-I would have to say! I love coffee, coloring, journals, planners, printables, mason jars, and spending time with my kiddos.  

In 2011, my late husband of 17 years was killed in an accident and drowned.  My two older sons, Bobby and Eric, survived the accident as they escaped the car as it was filling up with water. Life changed for us that quick.  I was 3 months pregnant with my seventh child.  I quit my full-time job immediately to take care of my family and prepare ourselves for our new delivery.  That September, Holly was born. She was born with down syndrome.  We are so IN LOVE with her – she is a blessing. Holly is our joy. She brightens our lives every day!  

Fast forward to eight years.  I went back to work in the corporate world and it just didn't work out. The stress was affecting my health which then affected my family.  Today, we are where we should be and have been given a new beginning to experience love and happiness.  

As much as I need a routine, it somehow seems that a routine just doesn't work out with all the unexpected situations that arise with all the kids.  I have realized that it is OKAY!  So, I strive to at least become more organized.  What better way to become more organized than with printables!

Here is where I can experience my “Happy Place” of creating printables.  My hope is that thru the printables that I create, your family can be less-stressed, a bit more organized which then leads to more time to make memories.  

I appreciate you stopping by!

Thank you and Welcome to Simply Love Printables!

Kelly & Kids