Simply Love Printables Budgeting Worksheets for Teens


Budgeting Worksheets for Teens


Budgeting is one of the most important skills that teens should know. The sooner they start budgeting, the better. The Budgeting Worksheets for Teens will help with this process.

As a teenager, it can be hard to think about the future. They probably worry about school, their social life, and what they are going to do when they finish high school. But one of the most important things they do for their future is start budgeting now!



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Here are 5 reasons why every teenager should budget:


1) To learn how to save money

Saving money might not be at the top of their list of priorities as a teenager. But believe it or not, now is the perfect time to start learning how to save! If they can get into the habit of setting aside some money each month, they'll be on their way to financial success in no time.


2) To figure out what they really need and want

Figuring out what they really need and want is another important reason to budget as a teen. It's easy to get caught up in wanting the latest fashion trends or gadgets. But do they really need them? When they start budgeting, they'll learn to think more carefully about their purchases and only buy things that they truly need and will use.


3) To prepare for college expenses

If they are thinking about going to college, budgeting now can help them prepare for the costs. College is expensive! Even though they may have scholarships, or financial aide to help out with the expenses of college, college has additional expenses that may not be covered. The sooner they start saving for it, the better! Even if they are not sure where they want to go yet, setting aside some money each month will give them a head start on paying for college when the time comes.


4) To start building good financial habits

Budgeting is also a great way to start building good financial habits. If they can learn to be mindful of their spending and stick to a budget now, it'll be much easier to do so as an adult. Promise!


5) To avoid debt in adulthood

Last but not least, budgeting as a teen can help them avoid debt in adulthood. It's easy to get into the habit of using credit cards and taking out loans, but this can lead to serious financial problems down the road. If they start budgeting now and only spend the money that they have, they'll be on the right track to a bright financial future.


What tool can help teens help with budgeting?


There are many different tools that can help teens with budgeting. One option is to use a budget worksheet. A budgeting worksheet for teens is a great way to teach them about their finances. It can be used as a starting point for managing their money. They can use it to track expenses and income, set savings goals, and plan for the future.

The first step in setting up a budget is to create a list of all the items they spend money on each month, as well as all the income each month.

What type of Income does a teen have?


There are a few different types of income that teens may have. The most common is an allowance, which is money given to them on a regular basis by their parents. They may also receive money from babysitting, mowing lawns, or doing other odd jobs. If they are employed, their wages would be considered income as well. Once they know what their total monthly income is, they can begin tracking their expenses.


What kind of expenses does a teen have?


Teens typically have many of the same expenses as adults, just on a smaller scale. They still need to pay for food, clothing, and transportation. They may also have expenses for things like entertainment, cell phone service, and hobbies. To get started tracking their expenses, they will need to create a list of all the things they spend money on each month. This can be done by looking at their bank statements or tracking their spending for a month. Once they have this information, they can begin to categorize their expenses.


Some common expense categories include:

-Food (fast food, snacks)


-Transportation (car payment)

-Entertainment (movies, date night)

-Cell phone service


Budgeting Tip: Make sure to include both fixed and variable expenses in your budget. Fixed expenses are those that stay the same every month, like car insurance. Variable expenses are those that can fluctuate, like gas money or entertainment.

Review monthly expenses to find areas where your teen can save money


Are there any expenses that your teen can eliminate or reduce? For example, maybe they don't need to eat out as often or could spend less on entertainment. Help them to find ways to cut back on their spending so that they can save more money each month.

Help your teen set a realistic savings goal


Encourage your teen to set aside some money each month to save for a specific goal. This could be something like a new car, a trip, or college tuition. Having a savings goal will help them to stay motivated to stick to their budget.

Managing money is an important life skill that all teenagers should learn. Teen budgeting can help them track their income and expenses, avoid debt, and save for the future. If you want to help your teen to learn how to manage their finances, download our Budgeting Worksheet for Teens. This worksheet will help them get started with budgeting and gives them a place to track their monthly income and expenses. Teaching your teen how to budget is a great way to prepare them for adulthood!

Support your teen in a healthy financial journey by downloading our Budgeting Worksheet for Teens today!

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