Do you want to get into the Halloween spirit? This craft is a fun, festive, and easy way to decorate for Halloween. Or, add a little healthy to your Halloween this year!  These cute tangerine jack-o-lanterns. are a  healthier alternative to the usual Halloween treats.

Simply Love Printables Cute Tangerine Halloween Pumpkins


Using a permanent marker or paint marker, draw a face on each tangerine and/or orange. Be creative and vary up the faces you draw! Draw different eyes, mouths, and noses to create a whole family of jack o'lanterns! You can make the eyes glow by adding some glow-in-the-dark paint on the faces you have made. How fun!

These can be used strictly for decoration purposes. I'm not sure if the marker gets through the peel (and I don't want to risk it). So, you want to make them safe and edible by using a food-safe marker.

To make, just gather a few supplies

Take a look at the photos below to see the process…

Simply Love Printables Tangerine Jack O Lanterns
Simply Love Printables Tangerine Jack O Lanterns
Simply Love Printables Tangerine Jack O Lanterns
Simply Love Printables Tangerine Jack O Lanterns

How adorable are these? I hope you had fun making these cute tangerine jack-o-lanterns.

For more fun, click the image below to download the Halloween Jack O'Lantern coloring page.

Simply Love Printables Kitten in Pumpkin with Bats Happy Halloween Coloring Page Free Printables



Simply Love Printables Cute Tangerine Jack-O-Lantern Craft

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