Simply Love Printables Kid's Build-A-Bunny Craft Free Printable for Easter

Kid's Build-A-Bunny Craft Free Printable for Easter

Craft time is so important for our kids, but not so easy on us moms. When you are a busy mom with several little ones to care for, simple is the way to go for craft time! Our free Build-A-Bunny craft printable is the perfect craft to throw together last minute over Easter break to make holiday memories with your kids. All you need is paper, a printer, scissors, and glue!

When you get the file it is a PDF file. These are super easy to open and print. All you need to do is print the bunnies out, let your children make all the color choices, provide scissors and glue and watch cute little bunnies emerge. It doesn't get much simpler than that. By the way, if you have children learning the alphabet, you'll also love our free printable animal coloring pages with letter tracing! Simple is good. 🙂

Scissor Skills for Kids

Any time you can get your child to use scissors, you are helping them build muscle tone, hand-eye coordination, and hand strength. These are super important developmental milestones. If your child struggles with regular kids' scissors, try loop scissors. Loop scissors were originally developed as an accommodation for special needs and they are perfect for that. However, they also work really well for toddlers and preschool children who don't quite have the strength yet for regular blunt tip kid's scissors. My daughter Holly began using these and what a difference it has made!

If your child gets frustrated or overwhelmed during craft time, it's always okay to step in and help. The last thing any of us wants is a meltdown we could have prevented! While you do want to encourage independent work and skill-building activities, you also want to encourage healthy management of big emotions. Both are important, so give yourself permission to help as needed or put the craft away for another day.

What's included?

Our Build A Bunny Printable includes eyes, ears with bows or without, whiskers, and mouths in four color choices. You can mix and match colors and build the bunny without the egg as the body, or you can make the egg the body of the bunny for a completely different look! The end result is a super cute bunny your child is going to love. To give the bunny a little more pizazz, you could use brads so that ears are moveable and you could also add sticky googly eyes.

What Should We Do With the Bunny?

I've discovered a surprising thing about crafts like this. Printed paper and glue crafts end up becoming fascinating toys. Children will name the bunny, talk to the bunny and play with him for hours. If you have several children and each has a bunny they can play a story together with a craft like this. You can encourage this behavior by asking what the bunny's name is or asking the bunny questions.

Once everyone is finished playing with their bunnies, if they are still in good shape you can hang them on a wall or window for display. One good thing about windows, especially if you are in a rental house, is that tape does not ruin the glass like it can ruin the paint on a wall. If you are going to hang the bunnies on a wall, I suggest painter's tape!

What To Do With My Child's Old Crafts after the Holiday

Once Easter is over, what will become of the bunny? You could take the brave route and just throw it away. That's my preference when I need easy. You could also paste these printable crafts into a notebook, have a box for keeping treasures or take a picture of each craft and print a picture book of the craft projects every once in a while. Don't feel trapped into keeping old crafts around though, clutter can get overwhelming fast! This post has some great ideas of what to do with old kid's crafts.

Materials for the Build-A-Bunny Craft

  • printer
  • paper
  • scissors
  • glue

Instructions for the Build-A-Bunny Craft

As much as possible, let your child make all the choices and do all the work. This is such an important part of child development.

  1. Print the Build-A-Bunny craft PDF file.
  2. Cut apart the bunny pIeces and the egg.
  3. Glue the bunny pIeces on the egg.
  4. Allow everything to dry before playing with your bunny!
  5. Display your bunny with pride.

Easter is a special time of wonder and celebration, our build-a-bunny craft will be the perfect addition to your holiday. Not only are cutting, pasting, and playing important skill-building activities for your kids, you are also making special memories together your kids will be talking about when they are old and grey. There is no shame in building a bunny for yourself, joining in the storytime, or even hanging up your bunny with the others! Have fun building bunnies! Treasure these days as they will not last.

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