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Free Easter You've Been Egged Door Hangers


Easter is coming up and that means egg hunts, family gatherings, and of course, adorable bunnies. This year, add a little Easter fun with these Free Easter You've Been Egged Door Hangers! Now, how fun will it be to gather the kids, and do this together? It's not only a fun way to spread some Easter cheer but also a way to get to know your neighbors better, and a great way to get the kids involved and teach them about being kind and thoughtful of others.

There are two-door hangers to choose from. Each has this sweet poem…

The hunt is on ! You have 12 eggs hidden in your yard. I promise hunting them won’t be too hard. Eggs of color… yellow, purple, pink, green, and blue will be filled with goodies just for you !

Now it’s your turn to spread the Easter Cheer. Please EGG a neighbor, family, or friend that’s near.



How to Print You've Been Egged Door Hangers


Select the Free Easter You've Been Egged Door Hanger you'd like to download, by clicking on the image below. A PDF will immediately appear. We recommend printing it out on cardstock paper, it's more sturdy. Now, you'll need to cut it out, see the image below. Laminating it would also be a good idea too, depending on the area you live in. Laminating will protect it from any unexpected rain or snow.



Simply Love Printable Cut Door Hanger

How to Prepare For You've Been Egged


What's next?

This is the FUN part! Gather 12 plastic eggs, candy, and other goodies to fill the plastic eggs. You can find these usually at your local dollar store, or another option is finding these things online. You can also find plastic eggs that are filled with goodies already.

Although candy is always a fun treat, another idea is money or these Easter party favors.

Once you get all of these items, fill the eggs, and put them in a basket so you can carry them while placing the eggs in the lucky “You've Been Egged” recipients yard.

Grab the two-door hangers, You've Been Egged, and the We've Been Egged. Don't forget that one, because you want others to know they have been Egged already.

The idea is to hide the eggs without being seen. So, probably in the evening, or when you know they are not home. Hide them throughout their yard, and don't forget to hang the You've Been Egged door hanger on the door they usually enter upon coming home.


May you have fun spreading Easter cheer with those around you while making memories that you can hold dear to your heart ALWAYS.

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