Looking for a fun way to celebrate Valentine's Day with your kids? These Free Printable 10 Valentine's Day Bingo Cards are perfect! They're simple and easy to play, and your kids will love the cute designs. So break out the bingo markers and get ready for some fun!

Simply Love Printables 10 Free Valentine's Day Bingo Cards

10 Free Printable Valentine's Day Bingo Cards

Bingo is always a fun game to play, but it’s especially enjoyable when you’re playing with the ones you love on the day of love, Valentine's Day! If you want to add some extra fun to your Valentine’s Day celebration this year, why not try playing bingo? Just download it now and get ready to have some fun and laughs with your loved ones.

These cards are FREE and waiting to be downloaded. Once you've downloaded the Valentine's Day Bingo Cards and Calling Cards, I suggest printing them on cardstock so they are a bit more durable than copy paper. As always, I suggest any games and puzzles be laminated so you can use them over and over again without being torn.


Supplies You'll Need

  • White copy paper or a heavy cardstock
  • Scissors or a paper trimmer to cut the calling cards out
  • Prizes, of course! 🙂  Valentine's Day Party Favors are great prizes!
  • Heart candy, red M&M's, scraps of pink or red paper are great bingo markers. Always choose something that will be safe for the little ones.
Simply Love Printables Valentine's Day Bingo Card


How To Play Valentine's Day BINGO

Since there is only Valentine's-themed clipart on each bingo card, it can be played by any age group. If you have more than 10 players, double up to have more fun and get everyone involved.

  1. Depending on how many people are playing, you may have to double up.
  2. Hand out each of the 10 unique Valentine's Day bingo cards.
  3. Each play will need a minimum of 25 bingo markers.
  4. Put the calling cards in a box, bag, or lay them out upside down on a table.
  5. Choose who will be calling out the calling cards. Select a card and show it to the players. You can also describe it, “Heart wrapped in a bow”.  Each player can place a marker on that image on their bingo card.
  6. Determine what type of bingo you'll be playing before starting. For example, Four-corners, horizontally only, vertically only, or all patterns. Once the player has a bingo marker on each space, they can call BINGO!
  7. Give the winners a small prize or have them pick one out of the prize box.
  8. Play again and again and again! Happy Valentine's Day!




Simply Love Printables 10 Free Valentine's Day Bingo Cards Pin Graphic

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